Our mission is to encourage an age of healthy people, a flourishing planet, and a sustainable future for all of Earth's inhabitants.

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Part of our mission statement is to encourage a healthy planet. To honor that, we've partnered with #OneTreePlanted and will plant 1 tree for every bag of coffee sold. Click here to learn more about how you can help save our planet!

The Journey

Made using 100% Arabica Colombian beans, our Lion's Mane and Chaga blend is guaranteed to please anyone that appreciates a quality medium-to-dark roast coffee. After inspection, our beans are sent to our expert roaster who releases the irresistible flavor contained within. Immediately following this, we infuse the perfect amount of organic Lion's Mane and Chaga; this captures all of the incredible health benefits that the mushrooms offer without altering the delightful flavor of our brew.


Over 190 studies have been conducted on the chaga mushroom. With some of the highest concentrations of antioxidants on the planet, this mushroom rightful earned the nickname "Mushroom of Immortality".

Lion's mane mushrooms are quickly becoming one of the most widely studied species because of their ability to help regenerate brain cells and improve the functioning of the hippocampus.

To learn more about benefits you might experience, please click the "Lion's Mane and Chaga" link above.
Small batch
Crafted in a Port Charlotte, Florida.
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